Fun Run Update – U.S. Map

As of 10/2, we have 24 states!!! Who do you know in the grey states?? Any donation amount counts there is no minimum to change a state to red!

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2 thoughts on “Fun Run Update – U.S. Map”

  1. Lori Kent Rothman says:

    You should figure out a way to allow for folks to make online donations that does not require making an account (and linking to specific student!). I do not live in Loudoun and have no need to make regular payments to LCPS. I am going to send a check this time, but the notion that I have to do all this to make a simple donation for a specific activity decreases the chances I will do so in the future.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Based on the experience provided by you and others, we are actively seeking a new platform for next year’s LOVe Fun Run online payments. Thank you again for your support!! It is greatly appreciated!

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